The idea forms

The idea quickly progresses to a plan…..


So Decembers plans are coming along….out of the 3 three routes I’d been considering it seems the one I thought wouldn’t be that suitable/nice probably is.

The GR7 which forms part of the E4, (6,490+ mile route which weirdly appeals to me) has come up trumps.

My intended route is from La Jonquera, starting on the GR2, north of Girona.

I decided here as though the GR 7 passes through Andorra, I would prefer to start at a lower level.

Then onto part of GR5 and GR172 and onto GR 7 towards El Morche, east of Malaga, this is where the place that my parents left to my brother Alex and I is.

Once I get to the Sierra Nevadas I head on the south part of the G7 before coming out at Arenas del Ray to cross the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama.

It’s around 1100 miles (I expect to get lost a bit).

Aim is for 30km up to 50km a day, giving myself 8 weeks to do it.

With blind faith and bravado I am sure that I will be fine.

Alot of reasons for wanting to do this, lets just say for now that it’s much needed.

I’ll be having Christmas somewhere in the region of Murcia – ace 🙂

Lots more to plan of course in the meantime.

This is my sponsorship page for Cancer Research, every bit helps, trust me.


Author: Gabrielle

Love the outdoors.

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