Almost there……….

Tomorrow is the start of my adventure across Spain.

Well sort of, I fly to Barcelona and will get supplies then all being well I shall set off on the Friday from the head of the GR2 which is around 100 miles, starts close to Jonquera and finishes at Aiguafreda.

Then I will link up with the GR5, GR172 and finally meeting up with the GR7 all the way to the Sierra Nevadas and then onto the coast and El Morche, my final stop.

The distance is around 1100 miles in total.

I shall be using a Spot Tracker and the adventure has the aptly named Gabrielle – North to South of Spain. Catchy hey!

My kit is packed….just about squeezed it all in.

I am using a Lowe Alpine Eclipse 35 litre.

My pack weighs just shy of 10kgs without food or water, heavier than I wanted but without an unlimited supply of cash I have had to opt for cheaper and therefore bulkier/heavier items.

  • OEX Phoxx 1 man tent – 1.58 kgs (have tested it once)
  • Eurohike 4 season down sleeping bag –  1.12kgs (borrowed from a friend)
  • Quecha hike sleeping matt  – 480 grams
  • Quecha X-Light down jacket at 380 grams (amazingly warm)
  • Patagonia waterproof overtrouser 250 grams ( a present bought for me 8 years ago)
  • Montane minimus waterproof jacket 230 grams
  • Ice breaker leggings – 200 grams (bought 5 years when I worked for Snow and Rock and still ace)
  • Veho Pebble Explorer powerbank – 192 grams
  • Kovea Backpacking stove – 190 grams (bought in New Zealand in 2002 and still works!)
  • Ice breaker long sleeve -1 50 grams (bought 5 years when I worked for Snow and Rock)
  • Spot Tracker – 147 grams
  • Alpkit gamma headtorch – 118 grams (I won’t be doing much at night aside from cooking so this works just fine with it’s 88 lumens

So 5.1 kgs….the rest is  100 gram bag of nuts, 8 x bars, pan, spork, folding cup, spare batteries, spare headtorch, first aid kit, windproof jacket, 2 x long sleeve top, 2 x short sleeve top, 2 x leggings, 4 x socks, 2 sport bras……………

You get the picture I am sure, I am someone who likes to hold onto things for as long as I can or until they break. I for-see me getting rid of a few things will may make a difference, but all part of the fun is finding what works.

Aiming for Christmas in Montserrat Natural Park.




Author: Gabrielle

Love the outdoors.

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